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Finely Tuned: Your Treatment, Your Choice

Finely Tuned: Your Treatment, Your Choice

For people living with a chronic disease, a lot of hard work and fine tuning often goes into getting symptoms under control. In fact, it often takes months—if not years—of working closely with doctors to find a treatment that works.

With biosimilars now available in the market, people who are doing well on their medicines may be told that they have to switch to a biosimilar—even though it may not work any better.

At Janssen, we believe the decision to switch to a new treatment should be made by a physician in consultation with their patient. We recognize that people have often undergone and failed treatment with several other medicines—often for several years—before achieving control of their symptoms with their current therapy. We believe that patients and their physicians should remain in control of treatment decisions, and encourage patients to talk to their doctors about staying on the treatment that works for them.

Finely Tuned is a program designed to help people recognize they have a voice in this matter. And that their voice counts. The program features the empowering stories of six real people and their treatment journeys. 

Visit to hear their stories and get inspired to have a voice about your treatment decisions.

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