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Janssen Science<sup>™</sup>

Janssen Science™ Professional Online Scientific Knowledge Exchange Resource

Janssen Science™ provides U.S. HCPs with quick and easy access to the comprehensive, credible scientific information behind Janssen products – anytime, anywhere and on any device – through a seamless and consistent, omni-channel user experience.  

As a key gateway to Janssen Scientific experts, Janssen Science™ enables meaningful scientific exchange and real-time communication with representatives from the Medical Information Contact Center and our field-based medical teams through a variety of channels. Janssen Science™ offers HCPs their “channel of their choice” for how and where they would like to receive the information they have requested, including:

  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Locator – for U.S. HCPs to locate their Janssen MSL, see the MSL contact information, and easily call, email, text or schedule a call with the MSL
  • Chat Live – for select Janssen brands with a medical information specialist
  • Call Me Now – for Janssen-initiated call to HCP upon request
  • Call 1-800-JANSSEN – for HCP-initiated call to Janssen
  • Email – submit an inquiry for response from a medical information specialist

To access Janssen Science™ please click here.