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Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension

Our focus - Pulmonary Hypertension

We understand the ways in which pulmonary hypertension (PH) can impair daily life, and are committed to helping to improve understanding and speedy diagnoses of this group of conditions within the medical profession. We are here to help those affected by PH to lead a full life and receive optimal treatment at the right time.

Understanding pulmonary hypertension

PH is a serious and progressive disease with various causes and no cure. [1][2] 

There are five groups of PH, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). All are severe diseases characterised by high blood pressure in the lungs.[1]

Our focus has been on a specific, rare form of PH (WHO Group 1) called pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), but our research covers all groups of PH.[1]


Our goal is to give people with PH a full life

At Janssen, we are spearheading a new era for PH, working to transform the disease into a long-term manageable condition, so that patients can live a full life. Supported by Actelion’s 20-year heritage of pioneering innovation, we are working to reach more patients and aim to help tackle the diagnosis gap that is delaying access to the care that patients need.

We want to use our full range of resources to tackle PH. From investment in research and development of new therapies to innovation in medical devices and screening solutions, our commitment to improving outcomes end-to-end along patient pathways is real. We're focused not only on how we treat PH but on a broader spectrum of goals for the PH community. That includes enhancing patient care, as well as advocating and educating to facilitate faster diagnosis.

Our work is defined by our patient pledge: ‘With You Until PH Isn’t’

We want to:

  1. Drive early identification and diagnosis of PH; developing educational and screening solutions to speed up referrals to specialist centres

  2. Maximise the clinical benefits of our current medicines

  3. Build an innovative drug development future that focuses on new ways to tackle PH

  4. Provide holistic support for those affected by PAH, to improve overall wellbeing and quality of life

PAH Patient Charter

Our PAH Charter, co-created with the patient community and launched in 2019, outlines what we think patients with PAH should expect from their healthcare.


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PAH facts


70 people per million, globally, are currently in treatment.[3]


Half of PAH patients survive for seven years with treatment.[4]


Despite progress, one in three people die within five years of diagnosis.[5]


The majority of patients are in advanced stage (functional class III or IV) at time of diagnosis.[6]


Due to lack of awareness, the average time between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis is two years on average, some patients may wait up to four years, and many patients may go unidentified.[7][8][9]

Our focus on PAH

PAH (WHO Group 1) is a rare, progressive and relentless disease, where the pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs is elevated, resulting in stress on the heart. [1]

Despite recent advances, PAH remains a severely debilitating condition that leads to heart disease and early death.[6][9] Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to helping improve life expectancy,[10] but PAH is difficult to diagnose and there is currently no cure.[2]

We’re working to transform PAH into a long-term, manageable condition so patients can lead a full life. Janssen’s aim is to increase the mainstream awareness around PAH so that no patient goes undiagnosed and there’s no delay in diagnosis.

Our pioneering medicines have contributed to improved patient outcomes for PAH communities

Our deep understanding of the complex pathways and molecular mechanisms involved in PAH has resulted in the development of tailored medicines that have significantly improved patient outcomes.

We have a number of clinical trials ongoing which form a core part of our clinical development plan. We are searching for novel compounds that reverse the underlying disease process in all forms of PH, as well as investing in non- and less- invasive screening solutions and blood-based biomarkers to aid faster referral to specialist centres.

“At Janssen, we are committed to transforming pulmonary arterial hypertension into a long-term, manageable condition so that patients can live a full life. Our integration has created unique perspectives, opportunities and capabilities that we hope will provide new possibilities for the PH community.”

Janssen is the global leader in pulmonary hypertension

In June 2017, Actelion became part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.[11] We have made PH a ‘therapeutic area of focus’ and are committed to maintaining and building on the leadership position that Actelion has built in this important disease area.

We bring to the field of PH a remarkable track record in scientific discovery and a deep patient-centric focus, underpinned by an open, transparent business culture.


As the global industry leader in PAH, Janssen is the partner of choice for collaborations in the disease area. We actively explore business partnership opportunities in pharmaceuticals, screening and diagnostic solutions, therapeutic devices and digital health to support our goal to transform PAH into a long-term, manageable disease.

We are pleased to collaborate with patient organisations in supporting their mission to empower patients with PH to optimally manage their disease and lead as full a life as possible.

Our Collaborations

Putting patients first

I would describe PAH as like being in a car which won't go over 10KPH”

Patient with PAH

For support, information and inspiration on living with PAH, head to our PH Human site. There you’ll find patient stories, tips and information, and support – whether you’re a patient, a carer, or a healthcare worker.

PH Human