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Hello ASH23!

Hear from Edmond Chan on why he’s optimistic for the future for people living with CLL.


BCAM 2023

This Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we stand with the multiple myeloma community to highlight the unmet needs patients continue to face.

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Johnson & Johnson Statement on the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Johnson & Johnson extends our sympathy and support to the thousands of people affected by the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. We will continue to identify ways to provide support during this tragic humanitarian crisis.

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Johnson & Johnson Statement on the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has resulted in a devastating humanitarian crisis. Find out what Johnson & Johnson has been doing from the onset to support the innocent people impacted.

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About Us

At Janssen EMEA, we’re dedicated to tackling some of the most important public health issues across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Introducing, dedicated to supporting people living with disease.

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Our Therapy Areas

We focus on six areas of medicine where the need is high, the science is compelling, and where we can make the biggest difference:



Janssen EMEA is committed to increasing transparency when it comes to the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs/HCOs. Through the disclosure of transfers of value, we aim to build a better understanding of these collaborations and more recognition of their value to patient care.


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