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Our focus- oncology

Cancer affects the lives of millions of people in Europe and around the world. We’re dedicated to helping you and your loved ones find hope and relief, through targeted therapies, and by deepening our understanding of this complex disease.

Our Commitment to Patients


Despite the incredible work of the oncology community across Europe, cancer remains the second leading cause of premature death in this region.

Janssen is working to change what a cancer diagnosis means so that one day the words 'you have cancer' will be less terrifying for patients to hear and less distressing for physicians to say.

We aim to make cancer a manageable, even curable, condition

Our treatment areas


We pursue the cancer types and sub-types that we know best, and where we can achieve the highest impact – both in transforming patients’ lives today and in moving closer to a cure tomorrow. These include disease area strongholds in:

Haematological Malignancies

Our focus in haematological malignancies includes rare blood cancers and novel treatment approaches.


Multiple Myeloma

We want to improve treatment efficacy for patients with this rare, incurable blood cancer.

Multiple myeloma

B-cell Malignancies

There are many different types of B cell malignancies. At Janssen, we’re focused on three main types.

B-cell malignancies

Solid Cancers and Tumours

Our focus in solid tumours is on disease areas where there is high unmet need.


Prostate Cancer

Janssen has over ten years’ experience in research in prostate cancer, the most common cancer among men in the EU. [3]

Prostate cancer

Bladder Cancer

Despite therapies being available, there is a high unmet need in bladder cancer due to poor outcomes. We want to change that. [4][5]

Bladder cancer

Lung Cancer

We’re concentrating on developing targeted therapies for patients with lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death for men and women globally. [6]

Lung Cancer

Oncology in Numbers


Despite survival improvements, cancer causes 1 in 4 deaths[7] in Europe and is the second leading cause of premature death, with an estimated 3.91 million new cases (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) and 1.9 million deaths from cancer in 2018.[2][8]

Haematological malignancies comprise approximately 7% of all cancers diagnosed worldwide and the availability of effective treatment options for them varies widely.[9]

Europe has one of the highest incidence rates of bladder cancer in the world. It is the fifth most frequently diagnosed cancer in the EU, with 151,000 new cases each year.[10] Urothelial carcinoma is the most common form of bladder cancer, making up more than 90% of all bladder cancers.[11]

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the EU, representing approximately 22% of all male new cancer cases diagnosed, but the symptoms may not present until the cancer has spread and some patients will eventually become resistant to treatment.[12], [13]

With 1 in 5 cancer deaths attributable to lung cancer in 2018, this deadly disease is Europe’s biggest cancer killer.[2] In 2018, 470,000 adults were diagnosed with lung cancer meaning this disease presents a major health challenge across Europe.[2]

Finding the Right Treatment for the Right Patient at the Right Time

Personalised, or precision, medicine has come about due to exciting advances in our understanding of the molecular basis of disease and improvements in the ability to gather and analyse patient-level data.[14]

As earlier diagnoses are key for a successful outcome, we now have the potential to treat individuals earlier in their disease – potentially even before cells become malignant. Through this process, known as cancer interception, we are working to intercept suspicious cells before they become malignant and begin proliferating.[15]

Victories over Cancer

Enabling those affected by cancer to enjoy more of life’s meaningful moments: these are the Victories over Cancer that make our work worthwhile.

We are aiming to make cancer a manageable, even curable, condition, and dedicating ourselves to developing transformational and precise treatment solutions that improve lives and enable those affected by cancer to enjoy more of life’s meaningful moments.

For us, these everyday, individual Victories over Cancer are what make our work so worthwhile.

Meet our team and see what Victories over Cancer mean to them, in their own words.