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Janssen With Me

Janssen with me

Our Responsibility for patients - Janssen With Me

We believe that you, the patient, can gain a sense of empowerment by taking ownership of your health decisions. But to do this, you need resources. This page is where you can find out more about how Janssen can help to equip you better to deal with the challenges that disease presents.

Empowering patients

European health systems are increasingly encouraging citizens to take more ownership of health decisions and maintaining their own health. To act independently, citizens need high-quality information that’s easily accessible and understandable. 

We have developed various online patient platforms to supplement therapy, for patients with chronic diseases and their relatives. 

We support the need for patients to have access to serious and understandable information, education, advice, training and innovative drugs and treatments.

We follow the ethical principles of the EFPIA Code of Practice, which governs cooperation with patient organisations, and we respect all national and international laws and regulations and all applicable codes.

Janssen With Me

Janssen With Me offers patients, relatives and caregivers a place to find trusted information that will help them better understand their disease and feel supported throughout their patient journey.

Find further support at our Janssen With Me local websites:

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