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Janssen with me

Janssen With Me

Janssen With Me

Janssen with me

JanssenWithMe is our platform dedicated to supporting people living with disease, in the areas we serve.

Janssen With Me offers patients, as well as their relatives and caregivers, a place to help them better understand their disease and feel supported throughout their patient journey.

It’s a user-friendly site offering disease-specific information based on patient insights, designed to empower people to engage in conversations with their healthcare team, fellow patients, relatives and patient representatives.

The site is available at a EMEA region (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and local-country levels, and makes it easier for people to access the disease-specific information they need, when they need it.

Empowering patients

As outlined in the Johnson & Johnson Credo, our first responsibility is to patients.

Janssen has long been championing ways to support patients beyond their treatment, and research suggests that informed patients are better equipped to make educated decisions about their treatment and therefore experience improved outcomes [1] [2], both in terms of their disease and the emotional burdens they carry.

The content on JanssenWithMe, much of which has been co-created with the patient community, has been designed to complement resources currently provided by healthcare teams and patient advocacy groups.

The Janssen with Me platform supports people by providing tailored information to improve their understanding and knowledge of their condition.

Janssen With Me hosts disease-specific information in the areas of Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Pulmonary Hypertension, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, and Cardiovascular & Metabolism.


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