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In health care, there’s no time to waste

A Race Against Time: Patients Are Waiting

In health care, there’s no time to waste. There are diseases to be treated, medicines to be developed, patients to be cured and lives to be enhanced and transformed. Dr. Paul Janssen, founder of our company, had a watch in his office that marked twelve midnight minus five, as a reminder that time is running out. Patients are waiting for the breakthrough research and the innovative medicines that will bring new hope in their fight against serious disease. We bring a sense of urgency to our work because we know what’s at stake.

We must translate scientific discoveries into transformational medicines. We are constantly looking to replenish our pipeline and to reduce the time it takes to bring these new solutions to the market. That’s why we work so hard at cultivating relationships with governments and patient organizations – our partners in bringing effective healthcare solutions to the people who need them most.