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Healthy Outcomes

Beyond Medicine: Focusing on Healthy Outcomes

Our role in healthcare is changing. It once was enough to produce safe and effective medicines. Today, we see our role as a much broader than that. Once we’ve turned the best science into transformational medicine, we don’t stop there. Not only do we want to ensure that people have access to our medicines, we also want our medicines to be used in the best possible way throughout the treatment journey. This can require education to raise awareness of a disease, services and support that help patients use their medicine properly, new market access strategies or even tools that help predict or prevent a disease. Taking this big picture approach means we often need to collaborate with governments, NGOs, universities and other partners to assess and address real patient needs in specific disease areas… like our educational program in Indonesia, Vietnam and India focused on addressing the stigma of mental illness… or our partnerships in Russia to fight TB… or our home treatment program for cancer patients in the UK. Focusing on healthier outcomes is good for patients and good for society as a whole.