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To Communities

To Communities

At Janssen, we have a responsibility to society and to the planet at large. That's why we strive to improve the health of both individuals and the communities in which we live - through access to healthcare and education, and by caring for our carers and for the planet.



At Janssen, we put the needs and wellbeing of the people we serve first. 




At Janssen, we have been working for two decades to reduce our impact on the environment as we understand the intrinsic link between the health of our planet and our people.




At Janssen, we recognise that how we approach health must adapt and evolve if we are to improve lives, protect health systems and realise our vision of making disease a thing of the past.  



Global Public Health

As a healthcare partner, Janssen is committed to protecting public health, especially during times of crisis.



Patient Safety

At Janssen, the safety of the patients who use our medicines is our number one priority.


CP-373186 | February 2022