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Community Engagement & Support

Community Engagement and Support

"We are responsible to the communities within which we work and to the world community as well. We must be good citizens - support good works and charities...."

Our Credo

At Janssen, we look beyond the laboratory and into the community. Improving the quality of life of all New Zealanders through community engagement is core to everything we do at Janssen. On a company level, we support charities. Individually, we provide Janssen employees with opportunities to make a real difference in the community. This commitment to our community is central to Our Credo.

Janssen proudly supports a wide range of ongoing healthcare, educational and cultural programs. Our associations are designed to help organisations address unmet needs in our community, wherever they occur. Many of our relationships are long-standing and some have been in place for over 20 years. The strength of these relationships allows us to broaden the scope of our contributions so that our efforts reach wherever it is most needed.

In Australia and New Zealand we support a diverse range of organisations. These include community groups, charities and outreach organisations including the Shine, Wellington City Mission and the Salvation Army.

In addition to our 2015 New Zealand charity partners, Shine NZ and the Wellington City Mission, we support the Capital and Coast DHB through an educational grant. We also collaborate with Wise Group in piloting a new model of helping people with experience of mental illness back into work.