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Janssen again wins Randstad Award for Most Attractive Employer 2021

Janssen again wins Randstad Award for Most Attractive Employer 2021

In 2021 too, Janssen wins the Randstad Award for Most Attractive Employer in Belgium. From the very start of the Randstad Employer Brand Research in 2000, Janssen has consistently ranked among the top 10, and has won this award 5 times. Last year, Janssen also won the Randstad Award for the most attractive employer of the past decade. "Working from home" and "COVID-safe
working" were added as new criteria in the evaluation of the companies this year, and Janssen achieved the highest score for the latter.

"It may seem self-evident that Janssen would once again win a place on the podium as the most attractive employer, but it’s far from self-evident. You have to work on your Employer Brand every day. Janssen has done a great job, even in this special period," says Herman Nijns, CEO of Randstad Belgium, who announced the winner today.

Kris Sterkens, CEO of Janssen Pharmaceutica, is both proud and grateful: "It has been an extra challenging period for our company, and this is a wonderful recognition of the efforts of all our employees. They have ensured that our patients could continue to count on the medicines they need, and have continued our search for new medicines unabated. At the same time, we, as a company, have been fully committed to supporting our partners and the fight against the COVID-19 virus for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.”


COVID-safe working environment

As an essential sector, Janssen's activities continued unabated. From the very start of the corona crisis, the company consistently focused on a COVID-safe working environment. Maximum efforts were made for working from home, in order to guarantee the safety of those employees who had to come on-site to carry out their work, such as in the Research & Development, Production and Distribution departments.

Special control and quarantine measures were taken for the on-site employees. A Social Distancing Manager and a team of contact persons were appointed to guide on-site employees in applying these measures, which, together with the consistent communication, brought great peace of mind to both on-site and home-based employees.

Fast changes thanks to flexible HR policy

"The strength of our company lies in our more than 5,000 employees, and we try to create an environment in which this talent can fully express itself", says HR Director Hilde Claes. "Our aim is for people to come to work in the morning with a desire to work, and to leave in the evening with a good feeling. We do this by focusing on the well-being, development and growth of all our employees. This applies to all layers of our company, and to all the phases of life that our employees go through."

Our flexible HR policy meant that we could also switch quickly in COVID times. "Home working and digital working were already established, which meant that we could make the switch quickly. In addition to creating a COVID-safe working environment for those who still had to come on-site, the physical and mental well-being of all our employees was also an important consideration. We promoted this, for example, through flexible working hours, ergonomic and high-performance office equipment, and support for resilience," says Hilde Claes.

"It is only when things get tough that you recognize the true strength of an organization. At the height of the pandemic, and on top of their daily activities, our people used their expertise to produce disinfectant hand gel when hospitals needed it, and to carry out diagnostic tests to increase the capacity of the Belgian labs. Our people are very proud to be able to make a difference for patients worldwide, day after day", concludes Sonja Willems, Managing Director of Janssen Benelux. Read more about our commitment to the fight against COVID-19 here.

Working at Janssen

Working at Janssen offers many future opportunities, an interesting job, access to the latest technologies, but above all: a very nice organization to work in. Take a quick look at our talent page to learn more about working at Janssen.