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Living with multiple myeloma: discover the guide

Living with multiple myeloma: discover the guide

Kahler's disease, cancer of plasma cells, bone marrow cancer or multiple myeloma. They are all synonyms for one of the three most common blood cancers.1 Every year, 700 people in Belgium receive this diagnosis.2 When this happens, a difficult road begins in which patients and their loved ones are overwhelmed with emotions, information, questions, and difficult decisions.

March is multiple myeloma month

Multiple myeloma is a form of blood cancer that develops when a certain type of white blood cells, plasma cells, begin to grow uncontrollably. These malignant plasma cells lodge in the bone marrow, the place where all types of blood cells are produced. In the process, these plasma cells crowd out the normal blood-forming cells. Because multiple malignant plasma cells often lodge in the bone marrow, the disease is also called multiple myeloma. In March, during Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month, we pay extra attention to this disease and everyone who comes in contact with it. Therefore, this Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month, we are sharing our comprehensive patient guide that can help you better understand and cope with the disease.

Our new guide will lead the way

In the new patient guide you will discover in an understandable way what multiple myeloma is, what treatments are available and how fellow patients can help. The patient associations CMP-Vlaanderen vzw and Mymu vzw, Wallonia-Brussels created this complete guide together with hematologists, oncology coaches and Janssen. This special collaboration makes it a unique guide that guides multiple myeloma patients and their relatives. And this from the point of view of the patient and their needs. You will find tips on how to cope with the disease, as well as information for family caregivers and other loved ones to better understand the needs of people affected by this cancer. Additionally, through this avenue, caregivers can better understand the needs of individuals with multiple myeloma. Not only on the physical level, but also emotionally, this disease has a great impact.

Mental support is so important. Of all the health care providers, I surprisingly get it the most from my physiotherapist. I think because through the whole process she has always continued to support me, and perhaps also understood best the impact multiple myeloma had on my life.


Multiple myeloma patient

An empowered role in the treatment process

Patient empowerment is central to the guide. People with multiple myeloma learn to become "empowered" so they can take a more active role in their health and disease process, depending on what is important to them. Using reliable information and practical tips, patients can ask targeted questions to their healthcare provider, making it easier to make decisions with the doctor. In addition, you will find suggestions for lifestyle changes that can contribute to a better quality of life. For example, the importance of proper nutrition, hydration and adequate exercise is emphasized. Finally, we refer to peer organizations that can offer support.

Discover the guide here to access a wealth of knowledge, find the guidance you need and remember… you are not alone.

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