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Our Commitment to Transparency

Our Commitment to Transparency

Janssen recognises that partnerships with healthcare professionals, patients, patient organisations, the health service, policy makers and academia play an important part in developing the most effective therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs. To ensure successful partnerships, Janssen is fully dedicated to working with all stakeholders based on a partnership of trust and transparency. Our policy is to adhere to strict codes of conduct and internal auditing systems in order to ensure that as a company we are compliant with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

At Janssen, we are committed to improving transparency in everything we do and wholeheartedly embrace a transparent approach to our partnerships with the healthcare professionals and organisations we work with.


Disclosure of Transfers of Value

A transparent approach to our collaboration with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations



Patient Organisations

At Janssen, patients are at the heart of everything we do. Working with patients and patient organisations helps us better understand the needs of people living with the diseases and conditions we are committed to help prevent, treat and cure.



Our Methology

The information below describes the methodology that Janssen Sciences Ireland UC (Janssen) has applied to disclose the Transfers of Value (ToV) made to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs), in the submission to the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) for 2020.



Legitimate Interest

At Janssen, we work in trusted partnerships with patient organisations, and healthcare professionals to help transform lives and reinvent healthcare. Since the 13th of January 2020, Janssen Sciences Ireland UC have introduced a ‘legitimate interest’ model to disclose any payments made to healthcare professionals (HCPs), and healthcare organisations (HCOs) with whom we work.



Our approach to Continuous Professional Development of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

At Janssen, we believe that sponsoring and supporting Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes (also known as Continuous Medical Education or CME) for HCPs is part of our responsibility for the medicines we develop. By increasing knowledge about diseases and the latest standards of care and treatments, we can help to enhance medical practice as well as improve patient outcomes.



Educational Programmes Janssen has supported

Janssen supports medical educational events and activities, refer to your local Janssen site for details


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