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About Us

About Us

Janssen is a worldwide group of pharmaceutical companies:

  • part of Johnson & Johnson, the New Brunswick, USA based Healthcare Corporation;
  • 40,000 employees working on the five continents;
  • around $4.5 billion investments in research & development annually;
  • a top 10 company in global pharmaceutical sales.


Janssen in Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA) has...

  • activities in more than 100 countries;
  • local offices in more than 30 countries;
  • more than 14,000 employees;
  • research & development investments of more than €1.5 billion annually.


We have 8 research & development centers in EMEA:

  • Beerse in Belgium;
  • High Wycombe in the UK;
  • Leiden (Janssen Biologics & Crucell) in The Netherlands;
  • Val-de-Reuil in France;
  • Schaffhausen and Bern (Crucell) in Switzerland;
  • Toledo in Spain.


In EMEA, we have 10 manufacturing sites for worldwide distribution of medicines and vaccines:

  • Beerse, Geel and Olen in Belgium;
  • Cork in Ireland;
  • Latina in Italy;
  • Leiden in The Netherlands;
  • Madrid (Crucell) in Spain;
  • Schaffhausen and Bern (Crucell) in Switzerland;
  • Solna (Crucell) in Sweden.