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Our Community Commitment

Our Community Commitment

Our Community Commitment

Our Partnerships for a Lasting Impact 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Vision in the UK is to transform lives in the local communities in which we live and work by supporting those at the heart of delivering care and reducing health inequities.

To achieve this Vision, we are partnering with a number of organisations both nationally and across our local sites to co-create innovative solutions to address health and societal challenges in the UK and to find new ways of collaborating to make a long-term, sustainable impact.     

Transforming Community Mental Health Care Systems

Mental Health UK

At Janssen, we are great believers in the power of partnerships, and as part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, we are incredibly proud to be working alongside Mental Health UK, whose founding charities deliver frontline services providing advice, information and support to those living with mental illness.

In 2020 Johnson & Johnson UK, established a three year partnership with Mental Health UK to fund four Community Mental Health Navigators. The Navigators operate within community settings to address non-clinical needs such as housing, money problems, employment, physical wellbeing, and direct people to local social prescribing opportunities alongside any specialist care they are receiving; reducing pressure on clinical services and helping people who are severely affected by mental illness to effectively navigate the often complex support system.

The first Mental Health Navigators are now in post, with one in Grimsby (England) and one in Bridgend (Wales). In 2021, a further two Navigators were appointed, with one in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland.

Investing in the Next Generation of Health Care Talent

Johnson & Johnson UK is committed to supporting the education of the next generation and boosting career opportunities within the health sector, particularly for the most marginalised and disadvantaged youth.

Our partnership programmes are designed to engage students, from year 9 to university-entry level, who meet social mobility, ethnicity and gender criteria. Throughout their journey, students are supported and mentored by Johnson & Johnson UK employees who share their skills and knowledge to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

Bridge to Employment

Bridge to Employment

Janssen UK also plays an active part in the Johnson & Johnson Bridge to Employment initiative. This global initiative aims to inspire young people (16-18 year olds) from disadvantaged communities to stay in school, excel academically, and elevate their career aspirations in health or science. Bridge to Employment is a four year programme which helps young people build solid futures and strives to increase the number of students who enrol in higher education and increase the number of students interested in pursuing careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing, Design (STEM2D) or healthcare sectors.

Through academic enrichment activities, career readiness and exploration opportunities, and higher education preparation, Bridge To Employment students are exposed to various careers and motivated to pursue higher levels of academic progress and take the steps necessary to build a better future and achieve their full potential.

Bridge to Employment has been successfully delivered across most of our Johnson & Johnson UK sites, in partnership with local schools, and continues to be a key programme within the UK.

STEM Volunteering

The STEM volunteering programme provides Johnson & Johnson employees with the opportunity to join a location specific hub where they can connect with local schools and support young people (13-18 year olds) with their careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM.) In 2020, 212 Johnson & Johnson UK STEM Ambassadors delivered over 650 hours of volunteering directly impacting over 11,000 students.

Futures Programme

Inspired by Bridge to Employment, this three year programme is being piloted in Blackpool. It provides students with STEM-focus learning sessions that are designed and led by Johnson & Johnson volunteers. The students, who are aged 13-14 years, also have access to online Johnson & Johnson mentors.

The Prince’s Trust

In 2021, Johnson & Johnson in the UK announced a four-year partnership with The Prince's Trust, to help disadvantaged young people enter the health and social care sector, regardless of their background or circumstances. The partnership will support The Prince’s Trust’s goal of recruiting 10,000 young people (18-30) into jobs in health & social care, with greater representation from young people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds or groups. To further support this next generation of health care talent, Johnson & Johnson employees will leverage their skills and knowledge to mentor the young people on their career journey.

Providing Product Donations to Those Most in Need

International Health Partners

International Health Partners work with a network of healthcare companies across the globe, they organise, co-ordinate and move donations of medicines and health supplies. At the same time, they work closely with NGO partners to identify what they need, and to supply them with donations in an effective, safe and responsible way. In 2020, Johnson & Johnson UK made product donations worth £6.4m, helping 1.9m people.

In Kind Direct

In Kind Direct is the UK charity distributing consumer goods donated by companies to UK charitable organisations working in the UK and overseas. Founded in 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales, they connect companies and their products to thousands of charities, community groups, foodbanks and schools supporting our communities. Their network addresses a wide range of social issues, from tackling poverty and domestic abuse, to supporting those experiencing homelessness, illness or isolation. In 2020, Johnson & Johnson provided essential care product donations that reached over 1,500 charities supporting people and families across the UK.


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