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Twitter – Disclaimer

Twitter – Disclaimer

This page is intended for audiences in the UK.

The content available on @JNJInnovMedUK is for information purposes only. We work in a highly-regulated industry with unique legal considerations. We are not allowed to engage in discussions about our products, other companies’ products or treatment options.

Medical and health topics may be discussed but the content we share is not intended to provide professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek medical advice from your GP or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.

Please note that Janssen UK is not responsible for any third party comments made about our tweets and that such comments do not necessarily represent the opinions of Janssen UK. Janssen UK is also not responsible for the terms and conditions, privacy policy or content of any website accessed through links or references in our tweets.

We do not commit to responding to @ mentions and/or replies, and are not responsible for content altered via retweets by other Twitter users. Janssen UK reserves all rights relating to the company’s Twitter account, including but not limited to:

  • adding, removing, or modifying any content posted on the account
  • blocking other Twitter users
  • discontinuing the account at any time

Our social media channels are not designed for adverse event reporting or product quality complaints of any kind. For further information about who to contact to report an adverse event or a quality complaint, related to a Janssen product, please see our Contact Us page. Should your post relate to an adverse event on a medication, we will be in touch to request your permission for the Janssen drug safety team to contact you for further information.