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Janssen Cares gives employees the opportunity to maximize their charitable contributions through a generous matching gift program and to nominate causes that matter the most to them through an annual peer voting challenge.


Employees donate. Johnson & Johnson matches. And nonprofits get three times the gift.

A $25 donation can become $75 when employees take advantage of Johnson & Johnson’s year-round matching gift program. Personal contributions are matched 2:1, up to $10,000 annually.

Employees nominate and vote. And Janssen gives to their favorite causes.

Through Your Choice Challenge, employees determine how Janssen donates up to $250,000 annually. Employees nominate nonprofit causes that are most meaningful to them, and an employee committee reviews the nominations to narrow down the top 25 causes. Then, every employee is awarded $50 in Janssen funds to donate to one or more of the top 25 causes.