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Janssen Cares helps create partnerships and relationships with local nonprofits, coordinates volunteer days across the company, and empowers employees to use their skills and talent to give back.


We set aside a special time of year to make volunteering possible by inviting employees to team up with colleagues to support causes in their communities.

Volunteer Days is Janssen’s annual, signature designated days of service program occurring September through October, where employees across the organization participate in volunteer opportunities with nonprofits from local communities across the U.S. Each year, employees work with more than 250 nonprofit organizations, helping to make a difference in the communities where they live and work.


Employees offer their time, resources and skills to connect with communities. Johnson & Johnson offers the programs to make it possible.

A signature program of Johnson & Johnson, Talent for Good offers Janssen employees a number of giving and volunteering programs across seven signature initiatives, from global health leadership to STEM skills development. Below are brief descriptions of available programs.


Inspiring Minds

Bridge to Employment

Employees mentor and inspire young adults from underserved communities to stay in school, excel academically, and elevate their career aspirations.


Employees volunteer with youth, university and professional programs aimed at cultivating STEM2D (science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing, and design) interest among women and girls.

Capacity Builder

One Young World

Employees join an impactful network of Johnson & Johnson young leaders to create a better world and change the trajectory of health for humanity.

Talent for Healthy Communities

Employees use their skills in a remote consulting assignment to address the critical capacity needs of local healthcare providers.

Vital Voices 100 (VV100)

Employees join a global network of lifelong mentors who provide future women leaders with professional skills and new inspiration.

Service for Good

Global Pro Bono

Employees sign up for a month-long assignment on location at a non-profit to help the organization run more efficiently, overcome unique hurdles, and better reach its goals.


Employees can immerse themselves in a six-month assignment to share their unique talents and skills while delivering a long-term impact for those working on the front lines of delivering care.