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Transparency and Ethics

Information about Janssen’s transparency data


HCP Report

1 May 2018 - 31 Oct 2018   PDF

1 Nov 2017 - 30 Apr 2018   PDF

1 May 2017 - 31 Oct 2017    PDF

1 Nov 2016 - 30 Apr 2017    PDF

1 May 2016 - 31 Oct 2016    PDF

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Information about Janssen’s transparency data

At Janssen Australia we believe that partnering with the medical community is essential to advancing clinical care and improving patients’ lives.

As a member of Medicines Australia, the industry association representing discovery driven pharmaceutical companies, Janssen is committed to being open and transparent in its support of healthcare professionals (“HCPs”) and health care organisations (“HCOs”). This means we publish information when we provide a Reportable Payment or Transfer of Value to HCPs, sponsor meetings HCPs attend, or provide support to HCOs.

Transparency in support of Healthcare Professionals

Reportable Payments or Transfers of Value are:

  • payments for the provision of services such as giving a lecture, chairing an educational meeting, providing advice as a member of an advisory board or as a consultant, and
  • airfares, accommodation and/or conference registration fees to attend medical education or as part of speaking or consulting services.

In accordance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, Edition 18 and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Act”) Janssen prepares a six-monthly report for publication. The report identifies HCPs by name. HCPs have a general right under the Act, subject to certain exceptions, to access or correct personal information, including the report. The reports here contain the most up to date information. Any use or disclosure of the data by a third party is the responsibility of that third party, who must comply with the Act.

Six-monthly reports are accessible on Janssen’s website for at least three years from publication: links are available on the right-hand side of this page.

Janssen supports the enhancement of medical knowledge and the quality use of medicines through sponsorship of independently organised educational activities for HCPs. These educational activities are primarily offered by learned societies, colleges, universities and other recognised HCP organisations and are organised independently of Janssen. Sponsorship is provided by Janssen to support running the event.

A report on the events that Janssen supports is submitted to Medicines Australia every six months and is available at

Transparency in support of Health Consumer Organisations

At Janssen we put patients first. It’s this commitment that drives us to deliver better patient access, education and outcomes. Central to this vision is a close collaboration with healthcare consumer organisations (HCOs) also known as patient groups. You can view some of the organisations we work with here.

In accordance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, Edition 18, Janssen prepares an annual report of the support provided to HCOs for the calendar year. This ensures the transparency of support provided by the company to organisations that are important in enhancing the quality use of medicines and supporting better health outcomes for the Australian community. Janssen’s annual report is available at:

For further information about the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, please go to

Clinical data transparency

The patients and health care professionals who rely on our medicines place their trust in our clinical research and development.

We believe making clinical trial data available advances science and benefits public health in important ways: it promotes the understanding of disease, expands the knowledge needed to develop new treatments, and generates new insights and more complete evidence that lead to better health care decisions for patients. Like others in our industry we disclose information about our clinical trials on, the largest U.S. public registry, and we seek to publish the results of company-sponsored trials and health economic studies in peer-reviewed medical journals.

We have also pioneered new initiatives to further enhance clinical trial data transparency. In a first-of-its-kind agreement with the Yale University School of Medicine we share pharmaceutical, device, and consumer product clinical trial data through the Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project: its mission is to advocate for the responsible sharing of clinical research data, open science, and research transparency.

The YODA Project serves as an independent review panel, evaluating researchers' requests for access to participant-level trial data and research reports that provide extensive details about the methods and results of a clinical trial. Researchers can use these clinical trial data in their own scientific or medical research to increase medical knowledge and improve public health. For more information about the YODA Project and to request access to data from Janssen’s clinical trials, please visit