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Collaborating with patient organizations

Our collaborations with patient organizations

At Janssen, we want to ensure that every patient has a healthy life and receives optimal care. As part of this, we believe that it is essential to systematically integrate the voice and needs of patients into drug development and to make sure that they are at the very heart of the process. We do this in every single phase of the process, from the initial R&D to the design of clinical studies and research using real-world evidence. For this reason, we are working more and more with patients and patient organizations.

Collaborating with patient organizations

Just as it says in our Credo , we put patients first in everything that we do. It is therefore incredibly important to us to actively involve them in the drug development process and to work closely with patients and patient organizations, as they have insight into what is important before, during and after treatment. We want to continue to develop medicines that make a difference, including helping to extend life expectancy and improving the quality of life of patients and their loved ones.

The voice of the patient

An important part of our collaborations is providing information. Patients who have been given the right information are generally more resilient when it comes to tackling their condition and treatment. For example, consider the importance of patient compliance, dealing with side effects, preparation for appointments with doctors etc.

That is why we work together with patient organizations to develop magazines (including online ones), websites and other sources of information where patients can get the information they need in clear and understandable language. Here, our expertise and the patient organizations’ expertise nicely complement each other. In these collaboration projects, we compile information about every aspect of a condition so that patients and their loved ones can find as much information as possible in one place. We also share patient stories and experiences. In doing so, we want to create an environment where patients and those around them feel able to ask any questions they may have.

A few examples

We have already worked with patient organizations covering a wide range of areas. Here are just a few examples:

Want to find out more or interested in collaborating?

The examples listed above are just a few examples of our collaborations with patients and patient organizations. If you would like to find out more or if you are interested in collaboration opportunities, please get in touch with us.