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Our Credo: our moral compass

Our Credo: our moral compass

The medicines and vaccines we work on every day at Janssen touch the lives of millions of people around the world. The trust that people have in our products and services comes with great responsibility. We therefore apply high ethical standards in all areas of our business. These standards are contained in the ‘Credo’ of our parent company Johnson & Johnson.

In 1943, ‘corporate social responsibility’ was still an unknown phenomenon. Nevertheless, the Credo was already written in that year by Robert Wood Johnson, one of the founders of Johnson & Johnson. This means that the Credo has given direction to our work for more than 75 years and we continue to monitor this every day. The feedback from our employees is crucial in this respect. Every year, all of our employees are actively involved in a thorough evaluation that examines to what extent our organization meets the standards of Our Credo and how we can improve even further in the future.

Our responsibilities

In the Credo, our most important responsibilities are written: our first responsibility is towards patients and their families, doctors and nurses, and all other people who use our products and services. Everything we do to meet their needs must be of high quality. Next, we are responsible for our employees, and for the society in which we live and work. Finally, we have a responsibility to our shareholders to stay healthy as a company, now and in the future.

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