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Janssen bundles all patient guides in one central location

Janssen bundles all patient guides in one central location

Receiving a diagnosis can trigger many emotions in patients and their loved ones. From disbelief and fear to anger. To help patients deal with such feelings, Janssen has worked closely with patient and family organizations, doctors and healthcare specialists to compile guides that provide patients with clear information and guidance, from the time of diagnosis all the way through the treatment process. You can now access them all at once at

"Living with..." Depression, inflammatory bowel disease, lymphoma, prostate cancer, psychosis, Waldenström disease, multiple myeloma?

Janssen and the patient organizations have developed a guide for each of these diseases. This gives patients access to recognizable, reliable and relevant information that helps them better understand their diagnosis. For example, patients or their loved ones can use these guides to read more about the quality of life of people with prostate cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. Caregivers and family members, on the other hand, get advice, for example, on how to help their patients or loved ones who are dealing with depression or psychosis. But that's not all. In addition to practical tips and testimonials, patients using the guides also have access to customizable pages that can help prepare them for consultations.

A fine example of good collaboration

At Janssen, we believe that cooperation is essential to provide patients with clear and reliable information. After all, each disease requires a different perspective and specialization. This is why we cooperate with various patient and family organizations as well as expert physicians and specialists from the health care sector as equal partners in the development of our patient guides. We bring all this knowledge together in an editorial board, this is the moment when the content of our guides begins to take shape and where the real power of co-creation comes to flourish. Want to know how this process comes about? Then read on here at

The guide is an example of good collaboration between a pharmaceutical company, healthcare providers and patient organizations. All with the same goal: to better support patients and their loved ones.

Elke Stienissen

President LVV vzw (Lymphoma Cancer Guide)

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