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Janssen invests in European production site for cell therapy in Belgium

Janssen invests in European production site for cell therapy in Belgium

Janssen will produce innovative cell therapies in Belgium. The Tech Lane Science Park in Ghent will be the location of Janssen's first European state-of-the-art facilities for the production of CAR-T therapy. The facilities are being developed in cooperation with Legend Biotech to enable the future production and supply of CAR-T therapy for the treatment of certain types of cancer in Europe.

Cell therapy to treat cancer

Cell therapy offers a new approach to fighting cancer cells by using the power of the patient's own immune system. Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy (CAR-T therapy) is a specific form of cell therapy. It is a complex and highly personalised technology in which a patient's own T-cells are extracted from the blood and reprogrammed to target and eradicate cancer cells, making CAR-T therapy a treatment tailored to the individual patient.

"This is an important investment that confirms our ongoing commitment to research and development in Belgium and Europe to improve the lives of patients around the world."

Kris Sterkens

CEO Janssen Belgium

The innovative power of Belgium

The decision to build the new European production facility in Belgium is a recognition of the unique local life sciences ecosystem, which is highly regarded within the global innovative life sciences environment. The development and production of transformative therapies such as CAR-T cell therapy require great innovative strength and strong collaboration. By choosing Belgium, we are building on the significant presence and expertise of Janssen in the field of science and production, as well as the strong local know-how, infrastructure and talent. The site is expected to be operational in 2023.

Oncology: Janssen's area of expertise

Oncology is one of Janssen's areas of expertise. Oncology is the medical term for knowledge about cancer and the treatment of people with cancer. The prevention, treatment and cure of cancer are complex. Each type of cancer is different. Despite impressive progress in treatment options within the medical world, cancer still turns many people's lives upside down every day. Read more about our activities in the field of oncology.

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