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Patient guide "Living with Prostate Cancer” | Janssen Belgium

Living with prostate cancer, discover the guide

In 2021, 74.9981* people in Belgium were diagnosed with cancer. Among them, 11.774 had prostate cancer, making it the most common cancer in men in Belgium1. The prostate is a gland at the base of the bladder that contributes to reproduction. The disease is accompanied by a lot of uncertainty, both physically and psychosocially. That's why it's essential for patients and their loved ones to have access to information that can help them find the answers they need.

November is prostate cancer month

People with prostate cancer are often overwhelmed by well-intentioned advice and questions, making the need for accurate information at the right time significant. Together with the patient support groups Think Blue Flanders and Wij Ook Belgium, we joined forces to create a patient guide. This guide is based on the patient's perspective and has been supplemented with insights from doctors and nurses. The guide covers various topics, from diagnosis to treatment, and also addresses the emotional impact of cancer on both the patient and their loved ones.

We asked Fernand Fonteyne (Chairman of Think Blue Flanders) and André Deschamps (Chairman of Wij Ook vzw) what makes this guide special and how it can benefit you as a patient. Watch their story:

An active role in my recovery journey

The guide places patient empowerment at its core. Patients and their loved ones are provided with the means and knowledge to take an active role. In addition to a clear explanation of the disease's origins and its associated symptoms, you will find detailed information about all available treatment options. Moreover, you can use practical tips, for instance, to prepare for your doctor's appointments. Personal stories and information about support groups can offer valuable support. This way, you are well-informed and able to express your needs more effectively, enabling you to play a more active role in your journey with the disease. You are not alone.

Curious? Read more in the digital guide:

Participate in the conversation on social media

During the month of November, we will draw the attention on prostate cancer on our social media channels. Are you participating? In this way, we are gradually breaking the taboo surrounding this disease.

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