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Our vibrant campus

Our vibrant campus

At Janssen, you will work in a vibrant environment, full of initiatives aimed at making you feel at home. On our sites, you will find a lot of initiatives aimed at creating a pleasant working environment. Our active staff associations organize numerous activities to connect and motivate, offering something for everyone — from theater trips to cooking workshops and from beginners' running events to the Antwerp 10 Miles.

Your health @ the campus

The wellbeing of our employees is very important to us. In addition to the numerous activities aimed at creating a pleasant working environment, we also encourage you to work on your own health. For example, we have been organizing Energy for Performance trainings since 2012 to help you make effective use of your energy. We offer the tools to help you feel physically fit, mentally focused and emotionally involved in everything you do — both at work and at home.

Mental resilience…

At Janssen, there is an open and warm culture where we can discuss our mental wellbeing and where we take good care of each other and ourselves. In addition to mindfulness training, we regularly organize meetings on specific topics, such as how to avoid stress and burn-out, as well as about depression or other challenges that you or the people around you may face.

We also provide a broad support framework to assist employees or teams when their mental wellbeing comes under pressure for any reason. From counselors to prevention advisors, there is always someone there to talk to and to think through your issues with you.

…and physical fitness

A healthy body is important for a number of reasons: You feel better in your own skin, you have more energy and your mental health may also benefit. If you want to enjoy some fresh air during your break, choose one of the walking routes we have marked out around the company site. Some teams like to hold meetings while walking rather than in the office. After all, fresh air often leads to fresh ideas!

Whether you like jogging, volleyball or working out in the gym, we have extensive facilities for all of those activities. We also encourage movement via our bike lease program for employees. It's even possible to hold team meetings in our spinning room — so you can work and work out at the same time!

Healthy nutrition

A healthy lifestyle also includes a balanced diet. All of our break rooms have a generously stocked fruit basket and our company restaurant offers a wide range of fresh, healthy options. If you still need some extra support, you can take advantage of our individual coaching sessions or workshops to assist you in developing a healthy eating pattern.