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ToekomstAtelier de l'Avenir (TADA)

ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA)

The ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir in Brussels, or TADA for short, is one very specific example of how we make a difference in the lives of socially vulnerable young people with our J&J Benelux Community Impact program. Every year at TADA, hundreds of teenagers from disadvantaged areas are taught on Saturday by enthusiastic professionals who provide an insight into their day-to-day work. This gives these youngsters an idea of what the future may have in store for them.

And this seems to be extremely motivating. The students not only discover where their passions and talents lie, they also come to realize the benefit of doing your best at school. We give the teenagers the tools to combat demotivation and actively focus on their development. And there really is something for everyone. From attorneys to journalists, from chefs to mechanics, and of course Janssen biochemists: all professions are covered at TADA.

Learn and inspire

During the Janssen lessons, teenagers learn how to build molecules, make bath salts, fill capsules and do taste tests, and they find out about their own DNA. This is a good way for our professionals to pass on their passion for the job and get these young people interested in a scientific career. It is also a unique experience for them, and it is wonderful to see how enthusiastic and creative young people are.

By sharing our knowledge and resources, we at Janssen are actively helping to create opportunities for this vulnerable group of young people. We give them a gentle push to hopefully help them fully develop their talents. We are therefore contributing to an inclusive society where all children can start their future with motivation, resilience, knowledge and self-confidence. A prime example of what the J&J Benelux Community Impact program is all about!