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Learning and Development

Learning and Development
Investing in our people


Our amazing teams are the cornerstone of our company, which is why we dedicate so much time and energy to learning and development. Every employee, regardless of their background, should feel like they belong here, and that they can reach their full potential, no matter who they are. Since 1943 Our Credo has defined our responsibility to employees, and Janssen UK is committed to nurturing an environment where people grow and develop, and where we provide opportunities to take on new challenges, build new skills and advance careers.

We believe learning and development is for everyone, it is not an option, and it never stops, regardless of whatever stage you are at in your career. Johnson & Johnson is a career and development playground, with long, healthy and diverse careers options available to those who take their development seriously. Our world-class Health Performance Institute develops purpose-driven leaders who optimise energy in order to deliver on our mission to change the trajectory of health for humanity. Our tools, programmes and resources are built on a holistic and science-based approach to physical and mental wellbeing, based on behavioural science, performance psychology, nutritional science and human physiology.

In addition to the Human Performance Institute, Janssen UK has an expert Learning & Development team working with our leadership teams to support our people with performance and development. These business partners are a mixture of accredited coaches, Insights Discovery facilitators, and online learning facilitators.


At J&J, you matter. Your development matters.

Our L&D team offer high value courses that I have benefited from since joining Janssen. Having worked for other large companies I can definitely say the courses here at J&J are of high quality and support skill development. It’s great to look at the L&D calendar and seeing what they offer that can help develop your skill set. I personally can recommend the Project Management survival course to account managers. This certainly helped me to understand how to approach complex projects and achieve successful outcomes.












Harriet Jones

Scientific Advisor


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