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Janssen Geel

Janssen Geel

Dr. Paul Janssen’s ambition in 1975 was to turn Janssen Geel into the best chemical production site of parent company Johnson & Johnson. Forty years later, this high-technology production center has grown into the launching pad and development site of new and important Janssen products for the global market. Moreover, the site in Geel is one of the most innovative and successful production centers of active chemical substances in the world.

In March 1975, a team of 37 people started to work in a brand-new factory on a large undeveloped plot in Geel. Anyone there then wouldn't recognize the site now, 40 years later. The decades that have passed were a period of growth, expansion, innovation, and improvement. Today, the chemical production site is a vital link in the global production network of J&J. No less than 60% of the total production capacity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) within J&J takes place here. Over the last four years, the employees in Geel have launched eight important new products on this site. Every day, eight hundred employees work here to provide the necessary medication for 100 global patients every second.

Factory of the future

Meanwhile, Geel continues building the factory of the future. In recent years, J&J has made the largest investment in Belgium (130 million euros) with the construction of the Chemical Development Pilot Plant (CDPP). In the areas of design and technology as well as materials, this ultramodern plant is unequaled anywhere on the planet.

J&J continues to invest millions of euros in the chemical production site, more than 50 million euros in 2015. For the renovation of Plant 3, an additional 56.5 million euros has been set apart over a period of three years. Thanks to these and other investments, this high-technology production unit can continue to play a leading role in the global production of medicines to meet great medical needs. This means that Geel will be in an even better position in the future to adapt to new technology and production methods which are implemented.