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Global Public Health: better health for everyone

Global Public Health: better health for everyone

Here at Janssen, we are working to create a future where disease is a thing of the past. This ambition can only be achieved if every person, wherever they are in the world, has access to the right medication and treatment. Although global healthcare has improved significantly in recent decades, many places are still facing major health challenges that require our urgent attention.

We are addressing the world's greatest health challenges

With Johnson & Johnson's Global Public Health strategy, we are working to improve health for more people in more places around the world. We do this by making our innovations available, accessible and affordable, investing in breakthrough scientific research and working with our partners. What's more, our efforts are recognized globally: We are once again among the top three of the most recent Access to Medicine Index.

Ensuring well-being for everyone around the world

Our Global Public Health strategy helps us to contribute to the United Nations' third sustainability development goal, which is also one of our basic goals: Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for everyone around the world.

Global Public Health focuses on five specific health challenges:

Making HIV and tuberculosis a history

Together with our partners, we have managed to turn HIV, which was once considered to be a death sentence, into a chronic condition. For example, did you know that HIV is not contagious as long as the patient takes their medication and the virus remains undetectable?

We are also seeing the fruits of our labor in the fight against multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. In 2012 we launched a medicine with an innovative mechanism of action, marking the greatest breakthrough in the fight against TB for about 40 years.

Preventing and responding to pandemics

We are developing new vaccines and treatments to combat a wide range of infectious diseases (HIV, TB, Ebola, Zika, Flu, ...) which are pandemic or have the potential to become pandemic. This also includes being prepared for immediate action to address new threats such as COVID-19.

Combatting neglected tropical diseases

Neglected tropical diseases tend to impact the world's most vulnerable population groups, many of whom live in remote areas. We are supporting the fight against these diseases by donating more than 1.6 billion doses of our treatment against worms and by heavily investing in research and development to further drive back these diseases.

Mitigating the threat of antibiotic resistance

Using antibiotics excessively or abusing their usage contributes to the growth of resistant bacteria, which make antibiotics less effective or even ineffective. This is why we are committed to the development and responsible application of innovative technologies and treatments. Our efforts were recognized for the second consecutive year in 2020 when Janssen was ranked at a top position in the Antimicrobal Resistance Benchmark of the Access to Medicine Foundation.

Addressing mental health disorders in resource-limited areas

Many people in low- and middle-income countries do not receive any treatment for their conditions. Through a comprehensive partnership with the Rwandan government, we want to show that the treatment of serious mental health issues (especially schizophrenia) is affordable and scalable.