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As a healthcare company, we help people with cancer to stay in control

As a healthcare company, we help people with cancer to stay in control

After a cancer diagnosis, keeping control is not something you do on your own. As a patient, you can really use some support. That is why, on World Cancer Day, we refer to guides, tools and patient associations that can help patients getting a better understanding of the diagnosis.

Understanding together

Every year, around 70,000 people in Belgium are told that they have cancer.1 Because an increasing number of cancers is treatable, many people can live a better quality of life after the diagnosis. Nonetheless, a cancer diagnosis turns the world of a patient and their relatives upside down . To assist people with cancer, we work together with patients and care providers to offer support in all sorts of areas. We guide people living with cancer towards useful tools and information materials, to help understand the diagnosis.This allows you to stay in control of your treatment.

3 good questions

To better understand your treatment plan, it is important that you ask your doctor the right questions. To help you prepare for a conversation with your doctor, here are three questions that are always useful to ask:

  1. What are my options?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these options?
  3. What does it mean in my situation?

In addition, before your consultation, think about other things you would like to know from your doctor. Asking questions is not only important for you, but also helps your doctor gain a better understanding of your needs.

Patient guides and contact with peers

As a patient, you are not the one first to be confronted with a cancer diagnosis. The support and experiences of others can help you and your loved ones get a better grip on your disease. That is why patient associations bring patients into contact with each other. Patient associations also help patients to collect and access reliable information. We at Janssen also join forces with patient associations, which has resulted in the guide Living with Prostate Cancer - available in Dutch and French -, Living with Waldenström - available in Dutch and French - and our Dutch guide Living with Lymph Node Cancer amongst others.

By looking beyond the development and production of medicines, we contribute to the health and quality of life of cancer patients and others.

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