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Janssen in Beerse

Janssen in Beerse

With passionate employees and state-of-the-art facilities, the Janssen Beerse facility is a key driver of growth for the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Janssen Beerse employs a full spectrum of capabilities—ranging from the discovery, development of new diseases to state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production, distribution of medicines, and patient access to these medicines.

New scientific possibilities

Our researchers in Beerse focus on Neurosciences, Oncology and Infectious Diseases. For the discovery of new medicines, they use the latest technologies and possibilities. For example, our research teams use data science in the search for breakthrough solutions: from partnerships with other companies in the early stages of research to using data science to optimize our clinical trials.


When it comes to research and development, we have a great deal of expertise ourselves. But great progress is often not achieved by working on your own. We work closely with Janssen in the Netherlands, for example on vaccines and preventive medicine, and the other sites around the world. With JLABS, a global network of incubators, we offer young companies the means to turn their scientific findings into groundbreaking therapies. This by giving them access to the expertise, funding, educational programs and facilities they need. Janssen in Beerse hosts the first JLABS in Europe.


Continuous manufacturing

The campus is a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies in drug development and manufacturing. The broad range of technological advances at the Beerse facility is well illustrated in the continuous manufacturing investment on campus. Revolutionary technology lies at the basis of this continuous manufacturing method. Products that previously were batch manufactured, with many different rooms and different steps, can now be produced in a continuous process. Production is now a matter of minutes, as opposed to hours, days or weeks in the traditional process.

The second biggest manufacturing site in Europe

On our site in Beerse lies the second biggest pharmaceutical manufacturing site of the Janssen Supply Chain in Europe. The pharmaceutical production plant is a ‘high-volume plant’ and a center of excellence for certain technologies, such as products in liquid and semi-solid form, transdermal products, and sterile products.

Patients first

Janssen in Beerse is also home to our patient access organization. Our approach is to create medical innovation that supports a sustainable healthcare system, providing value to the healthcare system, society, and most importantly, the patient. We are working with all stakeholders in healthcare to make our medicines available to patients. We invest in providing accurate, up-to-date information about our medicines to healthcare professionals and to patients. At Janssen, patients have been at the center of everything we do for decades, as written in our Credo

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