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Patient Safety & Product Quality

Patient Safety & Product Quality

The safety of the patients who use our medicines is our top priority. Quality and safety policies drive every step of product design, manufacturing and marketing across our business. Our commitment to patient safety continues after medicines enter the market. Further research is conducted to study the long-term effects of the medicine, any rare side effects and other diseases it may treat.

Top quality medicine

We work continuously to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of each of our products. Our quality control is dedicated to ensuring that our medicines are safe and efficient and comply fully with all regulatory requirements.

Ingredient and product safety

Product quality and safety are continuously assessed over the whole life cycle of a medicine : from formulation to production, analysis, packaging and distribution. Materials and ingredients are checked to ensure purity, safety and efficacy. For example, the presence of impurities or breakdown products can be tracked down much better with the latest analysis methods. If necessary, we can adapt the production process and even the formulation of the drug to obtain an even purer product. Our analytical laboratories thoroughly check the quality and stability of the finished products before they are distributed to our customers.

Built-in quality

The close collaboration between Janssen and external production partners raises the quality of the development and production process to a higher level. The Johnson & Johnson Standards for Responsible External Manufacturing help us select partners, and they help our manufacturing partners understand our expectations.

Safety of products in the marketplace

We are committed to the safe use of our products by informing and educating members of the medical profession. The details in the patient information leaflet (PIL) also help patients understand how to use our medicines wisely.