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Neuroscience Research


Neuropsychiatric illnesses are the most significant disease burden in high income countries and are expected to grow substantially in other regions of the world as the standard of living increases. Our mission is to transform individual lives affected by disorders of the central nervous system before devastation occurs, and to raise the global standard of pain relief.

As a leader in Neuroscience, we at Janssen are focused on developing medicines in cognition, mood, psychosis and moderate-to-severe chronic pain. With core strength and infrastructure in discovery, development, and outcomes research, we continue to build on our expertise through internal research and external collaborations.

Our scientific knowledge is growing

Your DNA code, like a computer code, can contain errors that cause your body to malfunction. Scientific advances increase our understanding of the human body – from unravelling the structure of DNA and reading its text, to understanding the errors in our genetic code that can cause and delay the onset of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Life scientists working for research organizations, universities or pharmaceutical companies face a constant challenge to transform this expanding knowledge into effective new treatments to bring relief from suffering to millions worldwide.

Smart drug delivery

Forgetting to take your pills can affect how well they work. Recent advances in drug delivery are helping to overcome this problem. Tablets that slowly release their drug over 24 hours can transform the lives of patients, because they don’t have to remember to take multiple tablets daily to stop their symptoms from returning.

Fast facts
  • A human body contains millions of nerve cells that, in just one second, can ferry messages between the toes and the brain ten times.
  • Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia: about 60% of all dementia patients suffer from Alzheimer's disease.
  • Contrary to popular belief, schizophrenia isn't the same as a split personality or multiple personality. Rather, it refers to a disruption of the usual balance of emotions and thinking.
Did you know?

Janssen has a range of product-specific and disease area websites for patients and their care-givers. You can find information about schizophrenia and dementia on