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Interview With Jane Griffiths

An Interview With Jane Griffiths

In a series of interviews with senior executives who are steering the global pharmaceutical industry today, pharmaphorum spoke with Jane Griffiths, Company Group Chairman Janssen Europe, Middle East and Africa, to hear her views on collaboration, innovation, market access, transparency and social responsibility. Pharmaphorum is a private media company that provides a digital podium for communicating thought leadership and innovation within the industry.

During this brief video interview, Jane elaborates on her background and what it means to be a senior female executive in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, she talks about some of the work that Janssen is doing to develop new, more collaborative and innovative business models. Highlighting the ethical focus at Janssen beyond drugs, Jane also discusses the company's commitment to social responsibility and, via her role with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, what is happening on the subject of clinical data transparency.