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Janssen Is Most Productive Pharma Innovator

Janssen Is Most Productive Pharma Innovator

The pharmaceutical business of Johnson & Johnson, known under the Janssen brand, has been named the most innovative global pharmaceutical firm by IDEA Pharma, an industry leading consultancy that annually ranks pharmaceutical companies based on their ability to bring new medicines to market.

Janssen (under the name of its parent company Johnson & Johnson) has scored higher than any other pharmaceutical company on IDEA Pharma’s third annual Productive Innovation Index (PII), which measures and ranks companies based on their ability to commercialize new molecules.

In their announcement, Mike Rea, CEO, IDEA Pharma, notes: “The index is based primarily on one simple question -- if you gave the same novel molecule to two companies, would they end up in the same place? And the simple answer is ‘no’, because there are significant differences in the approach taken to commercialization.”

The Index examines key areas such as speed to market, attrition rate in Phase III, sales versus similar molecules, and regulatory success.

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