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Janssen Access and Pricing Principles

Janssen Access and Pricing Principles
Janssen Access and Pricing Principles

At Janssen, we are driven by the promise of a future where disease is a thing of the past. We dedicate ourselves to discovering, developing and delivering transformational medicines. We push the bounds of science to deliver that promise.

Most importantly, we are resolved to deliver our medicines to the patients who need them in a manner that is affordable and provides local value. We are committed to collaborating with patients,
health care providers and health care systems as we are all united by the common goal to
improve human health.

This kind of collaboration comes naturally to us — we work around the world to fight sickness with science, improve access with ingenuity and heal hopelessness with heart.

Three guiding principles drive our pricing decisions.

We deliver local value by collaborating with payers and governments to
offer accessible and affordable medicines, fueling sustainable innovation.


The value our medicines bring is in improving the lives of patients and transforming their health for the future.

We strive to deliver transformational medicines that improve the lives and health of patients. Our medicines help people live longer and improve their quality of life. We work closely with payers such as governments, insurers and other local stakeholders to negotiate the price of our medicines based on their local value — prioritizing health outcomes and the impact our medicines have on a specific society and economy.

Accessible and

Through active collaboration, we make our medicines readily accessible and affordable for patients and health systems in accordance with specific reimbursement systems and legal guidelines of local communities.

Countries and health systems around the world differ in how they pay for medicines and make them accessible to their citizens. Knowing this, we work with governments and payers, as early as the law allows, to discuss coverage, accelerate availability and provide the best possible access to our medicines. After all, medicines only deliver value when they reach patients who need them.


Sustaining the discovery, development and delivery of transformational medicines is necessary to improve lives for current and future patients in need.

When we succeed at delivering valuable medicines with transformational outcomes, individual patients thrive, and families, countries, communities and societies flourish. Enabling investment in innovation to discover, develop and deliver medicines provides significant benefit to patients today and tomorrow. Fair pricing for valuable therapies fuels the next breakthroughs and cures.