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Generation Care

Generation Care
Yvonne Ford, Untitled
Generation Care
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Lifting Caregivers Raises Us All


We've all heard of Boomers, Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z. But, there's a new, emerging generation that transcends age, race, income, geography and gender.

We call them Generation Care – the everyday people taking on the extraordinary role of caring for a loved one living with a serious illness, whose healthcare requires ongoing support at home or between appointments. Caregiving is a universal aspect of life that, until now, has been largely feared, misunderstood and hidden. We believe it's time for that to change.

At Janssen, we're committed to showing the heart of the caregiver’s experience and providing the kind of support and information that will make a difference in caregivers' lives and for those who depend on them, every day.

Resources for Caregivers


We partnered with The Mighty, an online community for people facing health challenges and the people who care for them, to develop a caregiver toolkit. Click here to view the Mighty Toolkit and learn more about the ins and outs of caregiving and discover helpful resources you can utilize along your caregiving journey.

See below for additional resources for caregivers, including information on taking care of yourself, providing the best care for a loved one, navigating your career, legal and financial planning, and bringing help into the home.

Taking Care of Yourself

A Guide to Taking Care of Yourself
(Family Caregiver Alliance)

Relaxation for Caregivers Video Series
(Family Caregiver Alliance)

Emotional Side of Caregiving
(Family Caregiver Alliance)

Finding the Right Support Group
(Caregiver Action Network)

Life After Loss: Relieved and Guilty
(Caregiver Action Network)

Top 10 Tips for Family Caregivers
(Caregiver Action Network)

Providing Care for a Loved One

Family Caregiving

Doctor Visit Checklist
(Caregiver Action Network)

Navigating Career, Legal and Financial Planning

How to Balance Work and Caregiving

Conservatorship and Guardianship
(Family Caregiver Alliance)

Bringing Help into the Home

Eldercare Locator
(US Administration on Aging)

Home Health Compare

Hiring In-Home Help
(Family Caregiver Alliance)

Background Checking for Health Aides
(Family Caregiver Alliance)

Share a Generation Care Gram


Join us in celebrating caregivers! Share your appreciation for a caregiver with a Generation Care Gram below. (Click to open in a new window, then right-click to download the gif.)


The Heart of Care


Through a collaboration with T Brand Studio at the New York Times, we are elevating the critical role – and often untold stories – of today’s caregivers. Click here to read their stories and discover the full range of human emotion that goes into caregiving.



By supporting caregivers, even in the smallest of ways, we can help them provide better care to the loved ones who need them most. Learn more about how we're supporting both patients and caregivers below.

You Are Not Alone


As you work through how to juggle your caregiving responsibilities, millions of other caregivers are feeling the same challenges.

*Source: Caregiving in the US 2020. The National Alliance for Caregiving. 2020.