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R&D Data Science

At Janssen Research & Development, we use Data Science and Digital Health to reimagine the discovery and development of medicines and vaccines that advance our mission of accelerating transformative innovation for patients around the globe.

Using Data Science and Digital Health to Advance Medicines

The R&D Data Science team at Janssen is making a tangible impact on how we discover and develop medicines and vaccines to help transform the trajectory of health for humanity.




At Janssen Research & Development, we are reimagining the Discovery and Development of medicines using Data Science to advance our Mission of bringing transformative therapies to patients around the globe.

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We are continuing to build our diverse team of Data Scientists and data engineers, "bilingual" in both medical science and Data Science, to bring heart to our mission and innovation to our patients. Whether starting your career or as a seasoned professional, you will find a dynamic, mission-centered atmosphere where your next insight can help ignite our next breakthrough.

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At Janssen, we pursue highly-impactful solutions that help us deliver better medicines and vaccines to patients. Our leaders champion the use of Data Science across our entire R&D portfolio because we passionately believe that Data Science- and Digital Health-driven advancements can help drive impact for patients.


Collaborate With Us


We value and nurture external collaborations because we believe the best scientists, investors and entrepreneurs can come from anywhere. We seek out long-standing, "win win win" relationships (patient, partner, Janssen) with the best scientists, investors, academic collaborators and entrepreneurs and endeavor to be a partner of choice, to develop and shape shared capabilities for the benefit of patients.


Using Data Science and Digital Health to Advance Medicines

"What makes JRD Data Science unique is a singular focus on our pipeline that drives the right medicines for patients and applying Data Science to advance this mission. The other aspect that is very unique is data scientists are now central to the decision making of how we develop our medicines."
- Najat Khan, Ph.D., Chief Data Science Officer, Janssen R&D