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Data Sciences Overview

The Vision of Data Science at Janssen Research & Development

Data Science is one of the most exciting revolutions of our time, transforming how we discover, develop, and deliver new drugs to propel our ultimate mission of bringing transformative medicines to people around the world.

Our Mission

At Janssen Research & Development, we are committed to building a future-facing, agile organization, operating in an ethical and compliant manner, that will drive increased and sustainable levels of product innovation. Today’s Data Science revolution will be a pivotal moment in history for science and medicine, with the potential to leave a profound impact on human health. We believe that Data Science has the power to transform how we deliver optimal care and improved outcomes for patients.

Our Vision

We are reimagining the Discovery and Development of medicines using Data Science to advance our mission of bringing transformative medicines to patients around the world. We take a differentiated approach that integrates Data Science and Science in each and every medicine we discover and develop for patients in need around the world. Critical to our approach is a balance of innovation with pragmatism. We are disciplined in picking the right problems in high priority areas of our R&D pipeline, determining the right datasets and analytical approaches to drive large-scale and high-impact change to ultimately improve the lives of patients.

Where We are Today

Data Science is Driving Transformational Impact Across R&D

On the Data Science team at Janssen Research & Development, we have made significant progress in our vision of integrating and maximizing the use of Data Science to improve the transformational medicines we are developing for patients. Our focus has been two-fold: First, high-value projects in both Discovery and Development that have medical / clinical benefit and are also feasible and actionable using Data Science. Second, building critical foundations – data, platforms, partnerships, and bilingual talent – each are core to our success and scaling Data Science across Research & Development and beyond. And while we have come far, we still have much more to do.

We have carefully selected our applications to support high priority projects in our R&D pipeline and fall under two specific areas: Discovery and Clinical Development.

  • Discovery
    • Generate AI-driven, high value biological insights and targets using rich, multi-modal data.
    • Reduce cycle time and improve NME quality using AI/ML by leveraging image analysis and other analytical data insights.
  • Clinical Development
    • Data Science applications are ideally suited to aid in clinical development, from the use of AI and RWE to enhance trial design, construct RWD based endpoints, augment regulatory submission using external control arms, expedite clinical trial execution using AI and RWD, and many more. These Data Science applications help us define patient populations, understanding groups who may benefit the most from an intervention or have the greatest risk.

In support of our projects, the Data Science team at Janssen Research & Development is continually building upon our strong foundations in Data and Platforms, Partnerships, and Talent:

  • Data & Regulatory-Grade Platform: We have built our first-of-its-kind, regulatory-grade data analytics platform that integrates and links diverse data sets ranging from pre-clinical, clinical, to real world data. Our rapidly expanding library of models and applications enable data liquidity, rapid analytics and insights generation to develop solutions for the critical challenges facing our patients around the world.
  • External Ecosystem & Partnerships: We are actively engaged in the thriving Data Science ecosystem through partnerships, equity investments and more. We seek out long-standing, "win win win" relationships (patient, partner, Janssen) with the best scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs because collaboration is vital to solving the most challenging problems. We embrace and engage with partners to develop and shape shared capabilities for the benefit of patients.
  • Bilingual Talent: We are looking for dedicated and intellectually curious bilingual data scientists and data engineers (meaning those proficient in both science and data science) to join our passionate and seasoned community of data scientists. Among our team's key differentiators is that the data scientist and physician-scientist are true partners and co-"first citizens." Working with today's most advanced algorithms and technologies, our team members are highly supported and valued as they forge ahead on new and emerging projects to profoundly change the trajectory of health.