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Value of Medicines

How We Think About Value, Access and Pricing

We advance healthy outcomes by ensuring healthcare professionals and patients have access to the information, programs and support they need to achieve the best results possible.


At Janssen, we seek medical breakthroughs wherever they occur, channeling internal expertise and embracing external science to bring the best solutions to people who need them.

Our approach to pricing medicines builds on a long history of caring for patients and a commitment to discovering and developing innovative medicines that transform lives.

We consider three fundamental components when pricing our medicines:


In thinking about the value of our medicines, we consider their value to patients and to society as a whole, including elements important to governments and other payers.

The factors we evaluate include:

  • Clinical benefits and risks of our medicines versus the standard of care, such as longer survival with cancer treatments.
  • Improvements in the patient experience, such as better quality of life and higher satisfaction with treatment.
  • Impact of our medicines on societal and economic factors, such as total cost of care, disability and productivity, and the benefits to society of reducing caregiver burden.

Access and Affordability

We recognize economic and healthcare circumstances differ from country to country and person to person, and we know that cost can be a barrier to access.

We use a wide variety of approaches, appropriate to the specific reimbursement systems and legal guidelines of different countries, to ensure and sustain broader access to our medicines.

Using tools such as tiered pricing and partnerships with public health organizations, we strive to engage stakeholders to help achieve broad and timely access to our medicines in a way that is affordable locally.  

We are working with payers to explore innovative approaches that tie reimbursement to health outcomes, reflecting the true value our medicines bring to patients and the healthcare system.

Incentive for Innovation

Progress against devastating diseases depends on innovation and investment in pharmaceutical research and development.

Investors expect to be rewarded for risking their money on pharmaceutical innovation, as many products and ventures fail. Without this incentive, they will put their funding in other, less risky businesses rather than financing the science needed to develop medicines to improve and save lives in the future.

This model for innovation has resulted in extraordinary progress over the past decades.  However, it comes with a risk higher than that of investing in other industries. In order to continue to incentivize investors to fund biomedical innovation, we must provide returns in line with their expectations. We support the model that ensures that when our intellectual property protections and regulatory exclusivities end, generics and biosimilars are introduced, generally leading to significant decreases in price.

More Information:

Our third-annual Janssen Transparency Report reflects our commitment to responsible business practices that put patients first, including how we invest our resources, price our medicines, and help people who need our medicines get access to them.