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Are you one of our new CAR-T colleagues? Apply now!

Are you one of our new CAR-T colleagues? Apply now!

Janssen continues to invest in new and important innovative medicines and therapies, such as CAR-T and cell therapy. The arrival of our new CAR-T production site in Ghent has led to many new vacancies. Are you looking for a job with impact? Come and work at Janssen!

Cell therapy offers a new approach to treating cancer by using the patient's own immune system. 'Chimeric Antigen Receptor' T-cell (CAR-T) therapy is a specific form of cell therapy in which CAR-T cells are engineered to destroy cancer cells that express a specific antigen. CAR-T cell therapy is a personalized therapeutic treatment for an individual patient based on the collection of blood cells from that patient. This cutting-edge technology offers prospects to patients in whom other therapies have no or insufficient results.

New talent in cell therapy!

We are therefore working with great dedication on the expansion of our capacity for CAR-T treatments in Europe. Janssen's first European state-of-the-art facilities for the production of CAR-T therapy are currently being developed in Ghent. Furthermore, various CAR-T-related activities will also take place at our site in Beerse.

We are therefore looking for talented people who are eager to work on this innovative enterprise. We are looking for various profiles, from analysts to maintenance and from engineers to operators. Apply now and find yourself in an innovative work environment where you get the chance to learn and help shape this new domain from the start.

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Space to grow

We believe it is very important that you have room to grow and develop with us. That is why we support both your physical and mental fitness and there are numerous programs to help you build a sustainable and flexible career. That way you can make yourself fit for the job, with a little help from us! In 2021, Janssen won the Randstad award for the most attractive employer in Belgium. And in 2010 & 2020, Janssen won the Randstad decade award for the most attractive employer in Belgium!

At Janssen, you also work in a company with an international and inclusive character, where we believe in the power of diversity, equality and inclusion. And in a company that attaches great importance to sustainability. This is why we have made the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations an integral part of our business strategy.

Working on the future

Are you excited about our company and want to participate in the technologies of the future, such as CAR-T? Would you like to join us in making a difference in the lives of patients and society? Then apply now! Look at our jobs within CAR-T or check out our Working at Janssen page. Invest in your future and choose for a job of the future!

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