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Janssen is actively committed to a diverse and inclusive policy

Janssen is actively committed to a diverse and inclusive policy

At Janssen, we believe in the power of diversity. We are building a diverse, equal and inclusive work environment in which everyone feels welcome. This is reflected in our credo, which states that we create an inclusive work environment in which each person is treated as an individual. We believe that different views, cultures, knowledge and experiences lead to surprising new insights and innovative solutions for patients. Together, we can create a better, healthier world.

Our employees in the Benelux represent more than 70 different nationalities, but diversity goes beyond nationality. We encourage diversity and inclusion in all its forms: for example in terms of age, gender, background, religion and sexual orientation. With equal opportunities for everyone, so that all our employees feel valued.

Diversity, equity and inclusion in practice

Our commitment to an inclusive work environment translates into several concrete programs that are supported by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Champions. In the Benelux, there are nearly 100 Champions from different departments. Together we work on an inclusive work environment in which people feel they belong. A good example of this is the 'Unconscious Bias' training, in which colleagues are made aware of their unconscious bias.

Building connection and access for all communities

We are also committed to reducing inequality in the access to employment. For example, there is still a gap between the number of young talents with a migration background and the number of them hired by companies. To help bridge this gap, we launched the 'New Millennials' initiative, in which we attract local talent with a non-Western migration background to join our teams. We do this by partnering with A Seat at the Table, Jobs@uBuntu, de Koning Boudewijn Stichting, Toekomst Atelier De l´Avenir (TADA), Duo-for-a-Job, PEP! vzw, and various educational institutions.

“I aspire to further increase the number of professionals with a migration background and the number of women in leadership positions, aiming for a work force that represents the demographics of the society we live in.”

Karin van Baelen

In our search for talent, we launched an interview series with A Seat At The Table that brings together Janssen employees and young talent with diverse backgrounds. Through "Have a Seat: Conversations about Diversity and Inclusion", we put the efforts of Janssen to diversify and broaden our talent pool in the spotlight.

Watch the first episode below to discover how Janssen's CEO, Kris Sterkens, and ASATT young talent, Lusine Harutyunyan, envision a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

Initiatives of our employees

There are many different views and cultures within our organization. Janssen Belgium therefore has five different Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that with their insights help us to move forward as an organisation: the Alliance for Diverse Abilities (ADA), African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC), Open & Out (LGBTQIA+), GenerationNow and Women's Leadership & Inclusion. In addition, we have two active employee networks: the Experiences Professionals Network (50+) and the New Millenials Soundboard group. Both the ERGs and the employee networks are groups of employees with a common purpose, background or identity and they actively work to raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion. They provide a broad perspective with an eye for different views, cultures, knowledge and experiences. Want to know more about the ERGs and employee networks? Read more on our Instagram channel.

Sustainable Development goals: reducing inequality and gender equality

With our active Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy, we contribute to the achievement of two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United nations: the goal to reduce inequality and the goal for gender equality. Want to learn more about how we are committed to these Sustainable Development Goals? Find out more about SDG 10: Reducing Inequality and SDG 5: Gender Equality!


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