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COVID 19 Vacancies


Your next move could mean our next step towards a vaccine against COVID-19. We are putting in our best effort to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. For example, our researchers in Leiden are taking important steps developing our vaccine while our operators and engineers are starting the production of the vaccine. At the same time, regular care continues, and we continue to focus on patients for whom our medicines can make a difference. In order to be able to do this extra work, we are looking for 250 new colleagues (mainly in Leiden and several in Geel) to join our team. Will you join us in creating a future where disease is a thing of the past?

As part of the Johnson & Johnson Group, Janssen has been contributing to healthcare for over 50 years. With more than 5000 employees in Belgium, we work on all aspects involved in the discovery, development, production and marketing of medicines. One of the focus areas of Janssen is infectious diseases and vaccines. Over the past decades, for example, we have worked on a vaccine against Ebola (recently approved by the EMA), on a treatment against multi-resistant tuberculosis, and we have taken important steps towards a vaccine against HIV. The knowledge we gained in these breakthroughs enables us to make steps towards a vaccine against COVID-19.

COVID-19 related vacancies

In times of the corona crisis, we as a society are more than ever aware of the central place that health occupies in our society. We believe effective and safe medicines against COVID-19 will prove important assets to overcome this health crisis. That is why, at Janssen, we are persevering in the race to a vaccine. In Geel and Leiden together we are hiring 250 colleagues who help us with vaccine development and scaling up the production processes of widely used medicines. Are you eager to use your knowledge and skills as a researcher to make a difference for patients? Or can’t you wait to get working on the production of our medicines or our vaccine?

Become part of our team and make a difference. Take a look at the vacancies on our job portal.

Working at Janssen

Janssen has a leading position in the field of health. We want to develop meaningful innovations and solutions: with our combined experience, expertise, and resources, we work on some of today's greatest health challenges. These challenges can only be overcome by our talented employees: they come first to us. We therefore support our employees in their professional and personal development: working at Janssen offers a wide range of development opportunities, an interesting job, access to the latest technologies, but above all: a great organization to work in. In addition, a great deal of value is attached to facilitating sustainable careers.

The fact that Janssen forms a good team with its employees has not gone unnoticed. Recently we won the Randstad Award for the most attractive employer of the decade, proof of our drive as a company to get the best out of our people.