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Improving the quality of life of people with blood cancer step by step

Improving the quality of life of people with blood cancer step by step

Improving the quality of life of people with blood cancer step by step. That is what we have been working on for many years. In recent years, these efforts have accelerated, thanks to innovative developments. Yet one thing remains clear: we cannot improve the lives of people with blood cancer on our own. Only through strong partnerships we can help people with blood cancer cope with their disease in the best possible way.

It's blood cancer month

There are different forms of blood cancer. Yet, they have one thing in common: they cause abnormal growth of blood cells, which disrupts their functioning. According to the Belgian Cancer Registry Foundation, blood cancers represented nearly 11% of all new cancer diagnoses in the country in 2019, amounting to 7,500 new diagnoses per year, with men and patients older than 70 years making up the most affected group. [1] This makes blood cancer the 5th most common form of cancer in Belgium. A remarkably high position. That is why, during 'Blood Cancer Month', we pay extra attention to bringing blood cancer to the public's eye. With the slogan "It's in our blood", we want to convey that we are continuing to work together with healthcare providers, patients, and everyone around them to be able to improve the lives of people with blood cancer. It's in the blood of all of us!


Despite the large number of blood cancer diagnoses, survival rates for people with blood cancer are improving. A better understanding of the disease, higher quality of care, easier and earlier diagnoses, as well as greater availability of targeted treatments, are all reasons that have led to these improvements. Janssen also plays a role in this. Over the years, Janssen has made its expertise and numerous innovations available to these patients. For example, the recent decision to build Janssen’s first European state-of-the-art facilities for the production of CAR T therapy in Ghent will contribute to the availability of an innovative therapy: cell therapy.

Cell therapy

CAR T-cell therapy is a perfect example of highly personalized technology. By extracting immune cells (T-cells) from the patient's blood and reprogramming them to better recognize and destroy cancer cells, this form of therapy uses the power of the patient's own immune system to attack and eradicate the cancer. This improves the treatment options for, among others, patients with blood cancer, making cell therapy one of the most innovative and ground-breaking therapies of the future.

Curious about what CAR T therapy entails? Learn more about it here:


The development and production of innovative therapies require great innovative strength and strong collaboration. But it doesn't stop there. Our commitment to people with blood cancer goes beyond developing therapies and drugs. That's why we work with both public and private organizations to raise awareness and provide information about different diseases.

That's why we developed the guide Living with Lymphoma. We did this together with Lymphoma Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw (LVV). This is a support group for people with lymphoma, one of the forms of blood cancer.

This guide covers the different forms of lymphoma, possible treatments, and nutritional advice, but also tells the stories of (ex-)patients and family caregivers. You can find the guide in Dutch here:


We also developed the "Quality of Life Guide" for people with multiple myeloma. Through this guide, we give people with multiple myeloma suggestions for lifestyle changes that can improve their quality of life. So they can read about the importance of a good diet, hydration and sufficient exercise. You can find the guide in French and in Dutch here:


Besides multiple myeloma, Waldenström disease is another rare form of blood cancer. In Belgium, about 75 new diagnoses are made each year, making this disease one that requires more understanding. [1] That is why we worked together with the patient organization, CMP Vlaanderen vzw, to create a "Waldenström guide" for patients and their loved ones. This guide informs them about the disease, and it also contains testimonies and experiences of fellow patients. Subjects such as aftercare, practical tips, and frequently asked questions that the disease raises are also answered. You can find the guide (in Dutch) here:


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