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Recognizing World Cancer Day 2018 with Cancer.com

Recognizing World Cancer Day 2018 with Cancer.com


At Janssen Oncology, we envision a world where cancer is a preventable, chronic, or curable disease. To achieve victories over cancer, we’re focused on developing resources that are designed to help patients throughout their cancer journey.

This World Cancer Day, I am proud to share Cancer.com, a new online destination intended to help people impacted by cancer become more engaged in their care. The site was developed by Janssen in close collaboration with three major advocacy groups: the American Cancer Society, CancerCare and Cancer Support Community.

I am proud that Cancer.com provides patients and their caregivers with useful information and tools through content tailored to each visitor by cancer type, topics of interest, and where they are in their journey. The site also offers a wealth of interactive resources, including My Care Activator™, an exclusive digital health coaching tool developed by Johnson & Johnson behavior scientists that aims to help people navigate the challenges of living with cancer.

Cancer.com also features the Advocacy Connector, a tool that helps people find additional support by offering a comprehensive listing of resources based on visitors’ cancer type, location, and specific needs. Through the Advocacy Connector, people can search for local support ranging from clinical trial information to travel services and wellness activities.

Cancer.com is a testament to our enduring commitment to those impacted by cancer. My colleagues and I genuinely hope that this resource helps educate, motivate, and inspire our visitors. Please join us in recognizing World Cancer Day by visiting Cancer.com and sharing this new resource with those you know and love.

The information on Cancer.com is intended for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in the United States.