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See the Change, Be the Change

See the Change; Be the Change – Global Regulatory Affairs Colleagues Are Shaping the Future

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Each September, I think about the millions of eager students who are embarking upon new academic pursuits with the drive, passion and  aspirations to make the world a better place -- my kind of people!

Our Janssen Global Regulatory Affairs (GRA) group is made up of a diverse group of highly competent and engaged professionals who are delivering today’s promises and are driven to shaping the future of health care. What’s our drive? We work to deliver safe, efficacious, life-changing therapies to the people around the world who need them, while adhering to global regulations and collaborating with health authorities worldwide. 

Because continuous learning is critical to our GRA colleagues and within the profession, talent development is a key priority. I care deeply about creating an environment that empowers everyone to excel at what they do best, unleashing the full potential of each person. I believe our success and happiness intersects at that point where we navigate between our desire to be an expert and allow ourselves to be curious explorers. When it comes to retaining, motivating and attracting the best of the best, as a Regulatory Affairs team we are focused on:

  • Healthy Careers and Development for all – where colleagues at all levels own their careers, have meaningful development plans and engage in diverse learning opportunities.
  • Unleashing the Power of our People Leaders – where we inspire and invest in people leaders to develop their capabilities to inspire, assess and develop talent to lead high-performing teams as a critical part of our competitive advantage.
  • Accelerating our Talent Pipeline – where we ensure a strong and diverse internal and external talent pipeline, developing the leaders of the future.
  • Building Future-Focused Capabilities – as our world evolves, we are focused on differentiated capabilities and agile organizations by shaping the internal and external environment to accelerate data science, new platforms and scientific innovation.

In everything we do, my philosophy is “Here is how we can, not why we can’t.

In summary, the GRA Leadership Team and I are passionate about professional growth, investing in the power of our Regulatory Affairs teams, and maintaining our pulse on the latest advancements in the industry.

Do you want to be part of a highly engaged team and help shape the future too? Click here to see some of our job openings. And, you can also connect with me via LinkedIn.