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Janssen Postdoctoral Program

The Janssen Postdoctoral (Post-Doc) Program, available in the United States and Europe, offers scientists just starting out in their careers the opportunity to gain experience in an industry setting while gaining the skills necessary to position themselves for success in the pharmaceutical industry and academia.

Those accepted in to the Post-Doc program will have the ability to work side-by-side with other scientists within the Janssen community. This will enable them to demonstrate their potential to excel as a leader within a Janssen team. Click to read the Janssen Post-Doc Program brochure (English only).

"Being a Janssen Post-Doc has vastly contributed to my understanding of the role discovery research
plays in the pharmaceutical setting. The cross-discipline, collaborative environment has helped me step
closer to my goal of making a meaningful impact in everyday lives by strengthening my technical skills
and my ability to critically assess data."

Ryan, Post-Doc Fellow

Janssen R&D
San Francisco, California

Janssen Post-Doc training offers the opportunity to:

  • Pursue innovative research
  • Publish in high-quality journals
  • Interact with a large international postdoc community
  • Be mentored by multiple Janssen leaders who encourage career growth
  • Present research at internal and external meetings

“When I had finished my Ph.D., I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do in industry, and where I could
use my strengths best. To have the opportunity to enter Janssen as a Post-Doc,
and be able to find my passion was very valuable."

Susanne, Post-Doc Alumni

Janssen Switzerland
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Experience and required skills:

  • Doctoral degree in a relevant discipline (the specific field will vary by position)
  • Scientists looking for their first or second postdoctoral position
  • Strong publication record

How to apply:

Visit the Careers section of jnj.com, and enter “postdoc” in the search bar to view open positions. To be considered for the position, apply directly to the online posting. Candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted.

For further questions about the Janssen Post-Doc Program, please send an email to [email protected].