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An interconnected landscape

An interconnected landscape

Industry is truly evolving before our eyes and the levels of interaction and inter-dependency have never been greater

The Pharmaceutical World: Then... and ...Now

Dramatic changes have been seen in healthcare over the last decade.

  • General Practitioners were the dominant decision-makers and influencers in prescribing choices;
  • Product approvals were straightforward - with efficacy, safety and quality as the key criteria for approval and reimbursement;
  • Margins in the pharmaceutical industry were high - enabling more investments in new research and development (R&D) activities;
  • Traditional sales force structures and roles were effective as 'share of voice' was a successful strategy within the market place.
  • Many more decision makers and influencers are involved in shaping prescribing choices such as public health authorities, health insurers and medical specialists;
  • Patient Advocacy groups, which represent patients across a broad spectrum of diseases and countries, are increasingly participating and influencing decision-making debates with the patients’ voice becoming ever more important;
  • Product approvals are no longer straightforward with products now also having to demonstrate differentiated and incremental medical value as well as economic value;
  • Margins are therefore lower and R&D costs for more complex products are higher;
  • New roles and approaches are developing within customer-facing teams to allow different competitive strategies within the market place.

In addition to the above, advances in technology are also changing how healthcare companies, doctors/care-givers and patients are communicating with each other.

Watch the stakeholder videos below to understand more.