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The Dawning of a well-care Era

The Dawning of a Well-Care Era

The Dawning of a Well-Care Era

The Dawning of a Well-Care Era

When did healthcare become about treating sickness rather than maintaining health? Now is the time to ensure we aren’t just making people better, but helping them stay well.

At Janssen EMEA, we’re on a mission: we’re moving from sick-care to well-care; to a future of disease prevention rather than intervention; a future where disease is a thing of the past; to a world where patients are people and their health is treated as a whole.

Scroll down to watch the first episode instalment, featuring our Patient Engagement and Advocacy Lead, Daniel De Schryver, and Company Group Chairman, Kris Sterkens.

We're asking ourselves: what is the role of the individual, society, and pharma in making the move to a well-care era, fit for the 21st century.

Let’s make the move from sick-care to well-care.

The sun is setting on “sick-care”: It’s time for the Dawning of a Well-Care Era.

With the onset of the pandemic, individuals have never been more interested in healthcare and wellbeing, and this gives us the perfect chance to lay the foundations for a truly 21st-century way of thinking about health; but, how can we positively disrupt the existing pharma business model to move to a well-care focused health system, fit for the 21st century?

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