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The Dawning of a well-care Era

The Dawning of a Well-Care Era

The Dawning of a Well-Care Era

The Dawning of a Well-Care Era

Discover how we’re moving from sick-care to well-care

When did healthcare become about treating sickness rather than maintaining health? Now is the time to ensure we aren’t just making people better, but helping them stay well. At Janssen EMEA, we’re on a mission: to move from an era of sick-care to well-care. We want to see a future of disease prevention rather than intervention, a future where disease is a thing of the past, and ultimately a world where patients are people with their health treated as a whole.

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Meet the speakers :


Kris Sterkens

Company Group Chairman Janssen EMEA & Managing Director Janssen Pharmaceutica

An advocate for embracing change, Kris has led the region’s response to the increasing digitalisation of healthcare. Here he talks about the importance of connecting people and seeing healthcare not as a cost but as an investment. The future is unparalleled, he argues, in terms of what benefits it can bring, and if we’re able to keep society healthy by being proactive and managing our health ourselves, we will not only be happier and healthier but also have a new well-care system fit for the 21st Century.

The sun is setting on "sick-care": It's time for the Dawning of a Well-Care Era

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Daniel De Schryver

Patient Engagement and Advocacy Lead Janssen EMEA

In this video Daniel discusses how we are changing the way we develop solutions, so that we no longer just work for patients but with them, as partners. He also talks about the ways in which healthcare has changed over the last decade and how as a company we need to help people manage their health proactively, and we need to think of patients not only as people living with conditions, but also as people who are at risk of developing conditions.

Patient Engagement: Our legacy and our future

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Maria Raad

Vice President Customer & Digital Strategy, Janssen EMEA

The visionary and health tech enthusiast, talking about the exciting capabilities of developing digital health solutions, such as wearable tech, as part of a larger remote monitoring service. Discussing how we can connect data and analytics to existing consumer devices to create the next generation of healthcare solutions. What will this mean for empowering people in managing their own health and wellbeing before they get sick? She also discusses the realities we face when it comes to widespread public adoption: Is it realistic? Will we see enough long-term engagement?

Getting smart with our healthcare: is wearable tech the solution?

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Andreas Gerber

Managing Director Germany, Janssen EMEA

As an advocate for the digitization of healthcare, Andreas understands the enormous potential that health data has to sustainably improve healthcare for all. However, he is also aware that people's health data is a highly personal asset that needs special protection. That is why he has long advocated for transparent and binding rules on how this data is collected and stored and what it can be used for and by whom. Andreas wants to help people understand that they can trust that their data will be appropriately collected, stored and used for their benefit. Andreas understands that, if used properly, data can help advance medical progress and ultimately benefit society.

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Demet Russ

General Manager, Janssen Turkey

A passionate advocate for health equity, she continues to challenge many of the systemic barriers we still see today, and in particular, the specific inequalities experienced by women. In this video, Demet explores the origins of gender discrimination and bias, with what that means to both women in need of healthcare, and those working within it. Demet also shares her views on what needs to change to ensure the equal representation of views, and in turn, speed up the progress of women’s equality.

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