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CAR-T therapy

CAR-T therapy

CAR-T therapy

oncology - CAR-T

We are committed to fighting cancer through the development of innovative, personalised treatments to help you or your loved one. By harnessing the power of patients’ immune systems, CAR-T therapy is one of a number of cutting-edge therapies that are providing hope for a cancer-free world.


Our focus in haematology: CAR-T

We are tackling the cancer challenge through precision medicine, and committing ourselves to finding the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. Through this individualised approach, we hope to help more patients achieve meaningful Victories Over Cancer.

One area we are researching is a novel approach called chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy, or ‘CAR-T’ for short. CAR-T cells are an innovative approach to eradicating cancer cells, which work by harnessing the power of a patient’s own immune system. They are created from the patients’ own T cells and are engineered to eradicate cancer cells expressing a specific antigen[1].


CAR T cell immunotherapy illustration

Introduction to CAR-T


What is CAR-T therapy?

Want to know more about the CAR-T process? Follow either the CAR-T cells or patient as they embark on their CAR-T journeys, with one of our visual guides.

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